AW19 "Dreambox"

 “The distance between the past, present and future is only an illusion, however persistent.”  

In a world where connectivity is instant, why is it that we feel more disconnected with one-another and more importantly ourselves? AW19 celebrates a reconnect with history, heritage and craftsmanship and search to reconnect with ourselves.  

The collection 'Dream Box’, muses on the legendary Gloria Vanderbilt and her eclectic style. Gloria believes ‘by holding on to objects of the past these treasured items have the power to pull one back into a moment long forgotten’.
 We explore her Dream Box art and fascination of creating a fantasy world through her art as a way of 'shutting out and obliterating the world around her’.   

AW19 draws on a juxtaposition of the opulent earthy tones of historical items treasured by Gloria in her many homes, reimagined by a clash of the surreal experiential colour pops from the first ever colourised Bollywood movie; Mughal-e-Azam.




PHOTOGRPAHY | Roni Ahn      FASHION FILM | Lucy Rose Tindall      SET DESIGN | Laura Little

     STYLING |  Daisy Toogood      MAKEUP / HAIR | Jinny Kim      MODEL | Andrea Bocchieri @EliteModels        CREATIVE ASSISTANT |  Francis Styles