AW20 "In The Stars" Limited Edition

In a time where where our physical world has shrunk and we are physically withdrawn from each other, to protect our bodies and those we love, we have been forced to carefully re-evaluate relationships and our existence with a fresh perspective. A time to heal, a time for self reflection, self-care and search for a deeper spiritual connection with ourselves and our planet.

Mae Cassidy launches a limited edition range of only 100 pieces made worldwide, each pieces handmade by skilled artisans with Swarovksi crystals and over 1500 semi-precious, natural gemstones. AW20 celebrates traditional craftsmanship and is a timeless piece to be treasured forever. AW20 Channels natural deep rich earthy opulent tones of mother nature; Balancing Chevron Amethyst, Calming Green Agate, Strengthening Red Onyx, Grounding Grey Agate.

The collection draws on India’s love of gems and Ancient Hindu Cosmology; where gemstones are believed to be more than just ‘pretty objects’ and are imbued with symbolic value relating to deities, planets and days of the week and are considered capable of malefic and beneficial energies.

AW20 draws inspiration on ancient Indian ‘Navaratna’ Jewellery, which was predominately worn by Kings and emperors (Maharaja). The Sanskrit term, which means 'Nine Gems' is jewellery which contains one of each stone affiliated with the planetary bodies, which in turn represented the 'Navagrah', 'Nine Celestial Deities'. Ruby for Surya (Representing the Sun) is always at the center of such jewels; Pearl for Chandra (Moon), Red Coral for Mangala (Mars), Emerald for Budha (Mercury), Yellow Sapphire for Brhaspati (Jupiter), Diamond for Shukra (Venus), Blue sapphire for Shani (Saturn), Hessonite for Rahu (Ascending Node), Cat’s Eye for Ketu (Descending Node). By placing all the possible gems together on a single object, the wearer is believed to retain complete cosmic harmony on his or her person.


PHOTOGRPAHY | Tais Sirote     SET DESIGN & STYLING | Laura Little

CREATIVE DIRECTION |  Georgina Mae Lindsay